Proofreading and editing

Are your French translations up to your standards?



Not certain your translation is 100% true to the original?

  • Ask me to do a bilingual proofreading.

I’ll compare the French translation with the original version, and double check that nothing has been left out.

An English-speaking marketing specialist living in France? Not confident the text you have written for that French presentation is as good as your spoken French? 

  • Ask me to proofread it.

I’ll pay close attention to the grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax, and will make sure your final document is error-free.

Editing / Rewriting

Does your current translation lack that sparkle that fades out your competition?  It is probably too literal.

  • Ask me to edit it.

I’ll work on consistent terminology, writing style, fluency and of course, cultural nuances.

I’ll suggest rearranging certain paragraphs, splitting long sentences, eliminating repetitions and even tone down over-emphatic sentences which are not suited to our French culture.

I’ll make sure your translation sounds natural and faithful to the original text… with that added “oomph” to place the spotlight on your product or service.

Quality copy-editing
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