A reliable translator

with your interests at heart

Solid credentials and experience

With degrees in both translation and marketing, combined with over 18 years of translation experience and 10 years’ experience in tech companies and firms focused on innovation, you can depend on me to deliver a high-quality translation or adaptation.

Premium Quality Stamp

Code of Ethics

I have consistently applied these golden rules throughout my entire career and continue to do so to best serve my clients’ interests.

  • I only accept translations in the fields in which I specialise. If you require financial or legal translations, I will happily recommend colleagues who can assist you with your project.
  • I do not accept translations with unrealistic deadlines. If you require a deadline that does not allow for quality work, I will discuss the matter with you in order to find a solution.
  • I am bound by professional secrecy. Therefore, I will not disclose any information or documents provided by my clients.
  • I maintain and develop my skills and knowledge on a continuous basis.

A smiling partnership

You are guaranteed an enjoyable, friendly partnership with me.

I go the extra mile to get to know you better, by asking questions or requesting reference materials at the beginning or during the process of the project.

If necessary, I will also draw up a glossary or style guide to ensure your documentation has consistent terminology.

A smiling partnership based on trust and common goals is the key for quality translations.

A smiling partnership

The quality of your translations makes it a lot easier for me!

Thank you again for your work throughout 2020.

The quality of your translations makes it a lot easier for me! 

Stéphanie Gallet, EMEA Marketing Manager, GlobalSign

Thank you for your valuable work!

“Even though it’s not easy to pass on the torch, I know that I’m leaving the French region in good hands with A. and yourself.

Again, thank you very much for your valuable work.
It is a real pleasure to work with you!”

Stéphanie Gallet, EMEA Marketing Manager, GlobalSign

Excellent as always

“Thank you very much for your translation and for delivering earlier last night.
I read it again and found it to be of excellent quality, as usual. “

Project Manager, Nespresso 

Excellent translation work

“I would like to thank you for the excellent translation work you have done.
You have managed to recreate not only the sentences but also the spirit of the content, keeping all its impact.”

Project manager, UNICEF

Even better than the original

Isabelle has recently translated my website from English to French and I must say that the collaboration exceeded all my expectations.

What I appreciated most was the fact that Isabelle not only translated word for word, but really adapted my content to make it as natural as possible in French.

I think my French text is even better than the original as she really took care to make the text fluent and clear to understand.
This really improved some parts that were less clear in English.

Eva Katernberg, German Freelance Translator and UX Writer

Very diligent in her work

“I have been working with Isabelle for many years now for the language combinations German into French and English into French.

She is a very pleasant colleague to work with.

She is responding quickly to e-mails, is doing thorough research and is very diligent in her work.

I am looking forward to our future collaboration.”

Heike Demme, Owner of Certrans, a German Boutique Translation Agency

My quality control process

1. Pre-sales

  • We set up a phone or video call to discuss your needs and our collaboration.
  • I send you a Services Sheet with corresponding rates.
  • I sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if you wish.

2. Cost estimate

  • You send me your documents for translation via email or secure upload. 
  • I write you a quote based on the amount of research, number of words, chosen service level and time estimate.
  • For transcreation projects the quote is based on the established brief

3. Time estimate

Once my quote is sent, my schedule is blocked for you until the validation date. This allows me to guarantee the delivery date written on the quotation.

  • EXECUTION TIME: the number of hours or days necessary to complete the work
  • VALIDATION DATE: date by which the quotation must be approved in order to guarantee the delivery date
  • DELIVERY DATE: date on which the work is to be sent to you  

If you need more time to validate the quotation, we may need to reassess the delivery date together.

4. Translating

  • I analyse your existing content in English, German or French to establish a list of your preferred terminology.
  • I use state-of-the art CAT tools and glossaries to ensure optimal consistency.
  • I fine-tune the translation at the proofreading stage.

5. Proofreading

  • My PREMIUM SERVICE includes a minimum of 3 proofreading rounds.
  • My PREMIUM+ SERVICE includes 3 proofreading rounds by myself and extra rounds by a second translator or reviewer.

6. Delivery

  • I let the translation lie for an extra night before proof-checking it one last time and delivering it to you.
  • I may include comments explaining some of my choices or suggest several options for headings.
  • I remain available to discuss any particular issue in the text for 10 working days after delivery.
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