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English and German into French
language services

Think global. Act local!

Technical translations for cyber security and IT organisations need to be clear and accurate. When I work on your content, I pay attention to the consistency of your inhouse terminology, and adapt the vocabulary and style to your audience.

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Strengthen your brand value

Marketing translations should be accurate, fluent, and achieve your goals. I focus on your brand’s values and the tone of your content, aiming for perfect fluency to support your marketing goals.

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Make your campaigns relevant to the French market

Transcreation lies somewhere between translation and copywriting.
When transcreating your campaigns, I adapt and recreate your advertising materials to trigger the same emotional response as the original message.

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Go for 100% error-free content

Proofreading gives you the peace of mind that your content is error-free. When I proofread your French documents, you can rest assured that your published material is exempt from any spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax errors.

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Optimise your existing translations

Editing reinforces terminological consistency, writing style, logical articulation, connectors and cultural nuances. When editing your content, I ensure your translations read as if they were originally written in French.

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Convert your audio to text

Transcription converts your audio into text. You can choose between three types of transcription: word-for-word, lightly edited, or summarised transcription. I offer both French and English transcription services.

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Unlock your spoken French!

A clear pronunciation helps you get your message across and speak with confidence. With my background as a linguist, singer and musician, I can help you understand the underlying rythm and melody of the French language to express your ideas more fluently.

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  • Data sheets
  • Social media posts
  • Video scripts
  • Sales presentations
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Case studies
  • Training materials
  • White papers
  • Reports
  • eBooks
  • Audio and video files

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