What would you need a transcription for?

  • To provide your translator with a written text.

You have a video in English or French that needs to be adapted into seven languages.

Problem: you don’t have the inhouse resources to do the transcription.

  • To send a transcript of the webinar you hosted last month.

You promised the participants that you’d send them a transcript.

Problem: you still haven’t had the time to do it.

I can help you transcribe your English or French videos or audios.

Which type of transcription do you need?

  • Verbatim transcription: a word-for-word transcription, including stutters, fillers, etc.

> For market research, focus groups, job interviews and performance reviews.

  • Edited transcription: the text is slightly edited to improve the syntax and make it easier to read.

> For text that will to be subsequently translated.

  • Intelligent transcription: the text is rephrased and synthesised to keep the most important ideas.

> For busy businesspeople who need to cut the chase.

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